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About eBooks

eBooks, also known as an electronic book, is a text and image-based publication produced in a digital form for viewing on computers and other digital media devices.
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About eBooks - eBook InformationMany original printed books are now being converted into an eBook since eBooks are the wave of the future as technology has progressed. Some have defined an e-book as an electronic version of a printed book. However, it isn't uncommon that e-books can and currently exist without any printed equivalent.

Ebooks are generally read on different technology hardware devices such as e-Readers or e-Book devices. These readers and devices can include the Kindle and the Nook. Aside from these, personal computers and even some cellular phones can be used to read eBooks. To see some of the popular readers, view our eBook reader page.

eBooks are available in different formats for your viewing depending on what device they are using to view the eBook. These can include an HTML file which can be used to view the eBook in your preferred Internet browser. eBooks can also be in the form of PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader* is needed to view the PDF file. E-Books can also come in text versions which can be read by any default text editing application. Finally, eBooks can also come in the form of a EXE file, or executable file. Although these are a rare with computer users leery of EXE files containing a virus, some eBooks are still being published that way.

*To download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files, please click on the icon below.
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