January 2011 eBook Spotlight – Snowboarding Tricks

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Each month Free eBook Network will feature a different FREE eBook on our site. This is our way of showcasing various eBooks that either pertains to the time of the season or holiday.

Snowboarding Tricks free eBook

Snowboarding Tricks by Andy Machin

For the month of January 2011, we are featuring a FREE eBook about snowboarding. With it being a very chilly time of year and much of the country seeing snow, snowboarding is a popular activity outdoors during this time of the season. So before you head for the slopes, be sure to pick up Snowboarding Tricks by Andy Machin.

Who doesn’t like impressing their friends about a new trick they can do that they know their friend’s can’t do? With this popular winter eBook, Snowboarding Tricks offers seven (7) unique tricks that you can learn to do while snowboarding. It comes with complete step-by-step directions. You will be impressing fellow snowboarders before you know it! Be sure to pick up your copy of this free eBook today!

Come back next month to Free eBook Network for a different featured FREE eBook!

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